Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Building a Vintage Wardrobe

I have been thinking about vintage a lot more recently. I'd like to embrace it fully, truly. Currently though, I live in capri's and short sleeved blouses. Not an authentic vintage look, but cute.

I think that at the heart of vintage is accessorizing. In the case of accessorizing, vintage goes beyond just baubles. Accessorizing encompasses hair, makeup, shoes, bag, ect. My favorite are brooches. I love a good novelty brooch or something that looks pretty. I have quite a few that I have picked up at the thrift for not much money.

Shoes are another accessory that I have several of. Unfortunately, all of the shoes I have that are "vintagey" are slanted toward Autumn of Winter.

I have a few purses that are somewhat vintage. I'd love to find a navy purse for the Fall (it's on my thrift list).

I do not have a lot of earrings or bangles. They are also on the list.

While thinking about clothing recently, I realized that I don't have a lot of vintage/vintage inspired Summer wear. I have several blouses that I wear all the time that have a vintage look to them, but as far as bottoms go, I just have some capri's. Not so vintage there!

Since Summer is coming to an end, I have decided to look towards the coming cooler months and start building my wardrobe for the Fall. I may slide a bit into Winter as well, but the focus will be on Autumn. I was inspired by Liz over at zilredloh.com to come up with a color palette. I've also been inspired by Isis as to proper pieces (though I don't know how exact I'll be there).

First up is the palette. Looking at items I already have and items I want to make, I have decided on

 The red, grey, and navy are set. I love them all and I think they all work great together! I am undecided on weather to use white or cream, but just now while typing I had a conversation with myself in my head and have decided on cream. The mint green is the undecided. I really like it though, and can picture it with several things. Thoughts?

On to pieces. I'm looking at perhaps making:

And possibly these. While my aesthetic is most definitely 1940's, there are a few patterns that are 1950. They are 40's enough to not make much of a difference to me and I like the way they look. I also have a few patterns in my collection that I may use.

I am for sure making this and this in grey and red respectively. I think I may make this in navy or maybe mint green.   I think I have a good start to my Fall wardrobe, yes?

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