Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Blog

I've been trying to get the hang of this blogging thing for a while. I think I may get it The thing is, after I neglect a blog for awhile and then feel the need to start blogging again, I never return to the neglected blog. I always start fresh with a brand new blog. Silly, isn't it? Nonetheless, the blogging bug has bitten again and I find myself once more with a fresh blog. Let's see how it works out, shall we?

Now, why My Almost Vintage Life? Well, I love vintage. Specifically the 1940's with a little venturing into the 1950's and a little back sliding into the 1930's. Unlike a lot of other vintage bloggers, my house is not furnished in vintage. I wouldn't mind going for an art deco look, but great googley moogley, things can get expensive! Not only that, but we are currently living in a space where I can not decorate the way I would like.
That leaves my outlet as my overall look. It is something that I am constantly working on but have decided to make a more determined effort towards.  Currently I wear vintage inspired pieces. This consists mainly of a pair of nice denim jeans, shorts (slightly longer than knee length) or capris paired with a button down blouse that has a vintage feel to it or a plain t-shirt (though I'm trying to weed those out). I do have skirts that I will sometimes wear but they aren't very vintage looking.
     To fix this, I am going to start up some knitting (and gosh darn it I'm going to *finish* them) of tops and sweaters and I'm going to sew some dresses, skirts, and pants.

My hair...I do try to do something vintagey with my hair on a daily basis. It doesn't always occur. It depends on if I'm having a bad hair day or not. My hair is in a weird in between phase and it's hard to do stuff with it. I'm currently trying out different ways to set it and different set patterns for it. I hope something clicks soon!

Makeup...I'm not a big makeup kind of girl. I don't mind wearing it and I like how I look when I put it on, but it's been so darn hot lately that it just melts off and I feel why should I bother. I really need to make the effort on this one more often. Also, I need to do my brows.
Another area in which I unleash my love of vintage is in housekeeping. It has slacked off a bit in the past few months because of our recent move, however I've decided the heck with it, I'm going to continue. I follow a very detailed housekeeping schedule that I made for my family and our habits based on a schedule found in one of my 1940's housekeeping books.

The last place you will find my love of vintage is in the kitchen. All of my menu plans are based on menus found in my vintage cookbook. Sometimes I follow them to the letter and sometimes I just use them for inspiration (I refuse to cook, eat, or serve organ meat).

So there you have it. My Almost Vintage Life! Welcome!