Friday, October 11, 2013

Crocktober Recipe (Curried Chicken)

Yesterday I promised another Croctober recipe today. And I do have one. However, as I finished putting it into the crockpot, I realized I had forgotten to take pictures. I thought to myself, I will just have to take a picture of the finished product. It will be a nice change to see the end result on the blog for once! Did I take said pictures? Of course not. This cold has really addled my brain. I'm lucky I can remember I have four kids right now! The recipe is so simple though, that you really don't need pictures to guide you. There just nice to have. And I promise the next recipe will have them.

The original recipe for this Curried Chicken came from a Fix It and Forget It Cookbook. I honestly can't remember which one, but I think it was the Holiday one. At any rate, I pretty much just throw things in the pot now :)

Curried Chicken

1 pound chicken (I use tenders)
2 cans cream soup (I use a modified version of this recipe. It works just fine.)
8 oz cream cheese
2-4 tbsp curry powder (or to taste)

Throw everything into the crockpot and cook on low 4-6 hours or on high for 3-5 hours. Serve over rice.

*Note* I don't use actual curry powder as I don't like spicy. I toss in corriander, tumeric, cumin, black pepper, red pepper, cinnamon, and ginger (which is almost all of the spices in curry), I just don't use a lot. DH, who does like spicy, adds a hot curry powder to his).

Hope you enjoy!

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