Sunday, March 2, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dr Seuss!

As most any parent with a child in public school knows, today is Dr Seuss' birthday. I have always loved Dr Seuss, especially The Cat in the Hat. I love when he turns the bathwater pink and then puts pink polka dots on the Mother's dress. I love the fish too :) And how could I forget Thing One and Thing Two? The whole book makes me smile!

Several, several years ago, we started celebrating Dr Seuss' birthday by having green eggs and ham. Now, I don't actually make the ham green (I think it just looks too weird!), but I do make green eggs. Usually we have them for breakfast, but today we had them for supper. Last year I also made Cat in the Hat biscuits. I just took biscuit dough, tinted half of it red, and then alternated red and white layers before baking. The kids loved them! I ran out of time to make them today though.

 And yes, I know they look gross, but they taste awesome! They didn't even leave a crumb of them, they enjoyed them so much! If you decide you want to make green eggs, here's a tip: use blue food coloring in your yellow eggs. Using green food color will make the eggs more of a yellow green. Just don't overdo the blue coloring or you'll have teal eggs!

Last week, my two elementary children celebrated at school all week, culminating in dressing as your favorite book character. My two (2nd grade and 3rd grade) decided they needed to dress up as Dr Seuss characters and went with Thing One and Thing Two. I have to admit, they were pretty adorable!

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  1. Mine had to have green eggs and ham twice! He knew they were making them at school but insisted I needed to make them for breakfast too. Ha ha!