Friday, September 13, 2013

September Musings

I had really hoped that once September came around and the kids went back to school that things would calm down. Of course that's never the case, is it? I seem to be busier than ever! Cub Scouts are getting ready to start back, I've gone back to volunteering at the middle school, my two youngest are at a new school so I've been trying to help there (though they don't need as much help as the middle school!), and I've joined the women's group at my church. In between all of that and Boy Scouts (which doesn't stop for the Summer), I've been reading a new to me mystery series (I just finished A Rose From the Dead), keeping up with laundry, and going to the school events that happen when school starts up (open house, back to school night, pta meetings, ect).

I really do have plans for this blog. If you ever check on it, please know that things are coming once I get my schedule under control!

Meanwhile...I volunteered to make a cookie tray for our women's group meeting on Monday. I've found several interesting recipes and if they turn out well, I will share next week!

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