Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

Hello! Long time, no post, I know! I'm determined to better! Really. There's just a little thing called life that keeps getting in the way. I know part of it is that I need to manage my time better, but there are other factors involved. I am trying to do better. Slowly, slowly. Thank you to all that have stopped by little corner of the world. I hope to get to regular posting soon!

To be honest, Valentine's Day is my least favorite holiday out of everything. However, I do love to give gifts and make holidays fun for my kids, so I put my disdain aside and try my best for them :)

This year we kick off the day with Love Boxes:

Each box contains a balloon, chocolate, lollipop, puzzle, pencil, and scratch n'see ornament (robots for the boys and hearts for the girls). Everything came from the dollar store or my least favorite store (Walmart), so they were fairly inexpensive to put together)

To put them in a loving mood for school I made Chocolate Pancakes (served with whipped cream and Valentine sprinkles) and hot chocolate topped with pink, heart shaped marshmallows for breakfast.

The love theme continued at lunchtime with a heart shaped sandwich, red apple, white cheddar crackers, and a heart shaped brownie.

They eating supper with my in laws while DH and I go out to dinner, so I'm not making anything special for that, but I am picking up some mini cupcakes for them to have for dessert. No picture as I haven't bought them yet!

DH is getting homemade spiced nuts with a handmade card that says I'm nuts about you!

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?

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