Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year...New Goals

I don't usually make New Year resolutions. I make New Year goals. I think that sounds so much better, don't you? It makes me feel better, too, if I can at least make an effort in obtaining my goals than making a half hearted attempt at keeping resolutions. Here are my goals for this year:

Build a better wardrobe
Knit more
Lose weight (I've become very serious about my weight loss. I've lost 12 pounds since December 9!)
Make a detailed cleaning routine and *stick with it*
Finally make a household binder
Do regular blogging
Purchase gifts throughout the year so I'm not spending too much at Christmastime
Have raised beds in place in time to plant a fall garden
Take better care of myself (i.e. dress better, regularly do hair and make up)
Start the dollar a week plus savings plan
Give at least one homemade gift per gift giving occasion
Craft more

Some of these go hand in hand. The building a better wardrobe goes with knit more (and I should have put down sew more). I have finally decided on core colors for, navy, and grey. 

The regular blogging...hoping to really stick with that. It's a fresh month so I hope I can continue to post every day.

The cleaning routine and household binder more or less go together, too. I've been scouring my 1940's Homekeeping Book in an effort to find the best cleaning routine for our new house. It's slowly coming together.

I have already started a gift for a friend's birthday this month.

I will try and remember to update as things are done!

Do you make resolutions or goals? What are they?

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