Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I've been such a terrible blogger lately. I mean, on a good week I'm not that good, but I've been downright awful lately. But I have a very good reason. We have a house! We just closed on it and we've been busy making lists, checking them twice...oh wait. That's something else entirely. Really though, we have been making lists of things we need to get (a lot got left behind in the last move), buying things we need immediately, and starting to do work on the interior. Very exciting!

We have also had a load of car trouble (my van is still out of commission), lots of Scout related activities going on, and of course, gearing up for Thanksgiving.

For the one (or maybe two) of you that might read here, I will be very sparse with my posting in the coming weeks as house preparation will take precedence and almost all of my time will be taken up there. I hope to keep up with my menu plan and maybe one other post a week and hope to get to a more regular posting schedule in January.

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